Making reading a pleasure for Chinese learners. Please drop me an email if there's anything you would like to see added.

23/04/16 An unsubtle plug, but my Chinese teacher (highly recommend!) has just launched website for lessons over Skype/WeChat (here).

29/12/15 Update: added a feature that allows words not in the internal dictionary to be quick added to Skritter.

Read articles

  • Clear and uncluttered
  • Highlights words you don't know automatically

Snapshot from the text editor

Read books

  • Read a book as a book
  • Swipe, or use arrow keys to turn the page

Snapshot from the book reader

Knows what you know

  • Skritter users can add their Skritter vocab
  • Or add from any other source!

Snapshot from the preferences known vocab tab

Detailed summary

  • Includes HSK and frequency data
  • See a sentence from the text with the word

Snapshot from the summary

Never not know a word

  • Don't know a word? Hover your mouse over it

Snapshot of a popup


  • Change text size, margins, line space on the fly
  • Change all colours. Remembers the chosen font

Snapshot from the text editor
Text editor screenshot Book reader screenshot Summary screenshot Preferences - colours screenshot Preferences - vocab screenshot

Download (8mb)

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Change log

Version 0.4.5 - 29/12/15

Version 0.4 - 21/04/15

Version 0.3.8 - 21/03/15

Version 0.3.7 - 27/04/14

Version 0.3.6 - 09/11/13

Version 0.3.5 - 06/01/13

Version 0.3 - 15/08/12

Version 0.2.5 - 08/06/12

Version 0.2 - 03/06/12

Version 0.1 - 27/05/12